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Mother and a Child
Empower the Special Mom

We can do it better, so we will

Parenting approaches that include clear, concise instructions; structure without rigidity; nurturing a child’s gifts and interests, and constant approval of positive behaviour help parents feel better and help children feel safe. We call them “Special Mom” and we have specialized training for the special mothers to help them for Best parenting.

Mother and a Child
Mom my First Teacher

Get trained from the professionals

Make your life smoother and happier with more knowledge of learning disability. Give your child the best than the rest of the world

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Teach the Teacher

Learn, Apply & Reflect

Life gets stuck when facing Challenges. Our Life expert coach will help you to understand how your thoughts and emotions work to create your Life experience. 

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Life Skill Development

Develop the Right Habits

Every individual needs certain essentials beyond their domain knowledge, in order to be successful in whichever walk of life they choose to excel in. Prajha endeavours to satisfy this need through training, coaching and mentoring. 

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