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Prajha Trust is making an important contribution towards strengthening the identity and visibility of learning disabled children and their studies. Prajha Trust's mission is to ensure a sustainable living environment for learning disabled children through the provision of nutrition, education, health, vocational and life skills training and counselling services.

Prajha Trust, since 2019, has been working towards helping learning disabled children to meet their dreams. We as an organization believe that children shouldn't be denied their rights because of where they were born.

Prajha trust helps the students who are all having a learning disability. Students with learning disabilities are more likely than other students to have problems doing homework.

Prajha Trust believes in looking at these issues from the source. Not only do we provide children with an enabling environment but through family counselling, we build a safe space for them at home through Family strengthening and economic strengthening. It's only when a child is happy, healthy and loved that we have achieved our goal.

What is a Learning Disability?


A learning disability is a neurological disorder. In simple terms, a learning disability results from a difference in the way a person's brain is "wired." Children with learning disabilities are as smart or smarter than their peers. But they may have difficulty reading, writing, spelling, reasoning, recalling and/or organizing information if left to figure things out by themselves or if taught in conventional ways.

A learning disability can't be cured or fixed; it is a lifelong issue. With the right support and intervention, however, children with learning disabilities can succeed in school and go on to successful, often distinguished careers later in life. We can help children with learning disabilities achieve such success by encouraging their strengths, knowing their weaknesses, understanding the educational system, working with professionals and learning about strategies for dealing with specific difficulties.

Not all great minds think alike

Did you know that Albert Einstein couldn't read until he was nine? Walt Disney, General George Patton, and Vice President Nelson Rockefeller had trouble reading all their lives. Whoopi Goldberg and Charles Schwab and many others have learning disabilities which haven't affected their ultimate success.

Our Vision

Prajha Trust visualizes a world in which learning disabilities are universally understood, so all individuals are accepted, supported and empowered to live a self-determined life.


Our Values

We strongly support best practice interventions for individuals with learning disabilities throughout the lifespan.

Mixed Race Down Syndrome Class
Boy Playing with Blocks
Boy Playing with Blocks

Our Mission

Prajha Trust mission is to create opportunities for success for all individuals affected by learning disabilities through support, education and advocacy.

Our Mission
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